Select Seedling Nursery Ltd.

Welcome to Select Seedling Nursery Ltd, we have been growing hardy nursery stock for the Canadian prairies and the northern United States since 1984.  We are a division of Lakeshore Tree Farms Ltd, who have pioneered growing hardy fruit trees, evergreen trees and shrubs in Saskatchewan since 1936.  We pride ourselves on delivering top quality tree and shrub seedlings to orchards and farms alike.


It is hard to believe it is already September!  Our crops are maturing in the greenhouses and in the field.  October we will begin to gather and place them into our coolers to grade and size.  Mid-November we will update our website with an availability list as well as our inventory which will then be available for online purchasing!  If you are excited about next year feel free to email us with any requests.  We will let you know if there will be a crop for what you are sourcing.  We will have a number of new products this year!  Please look for them.  Our 2021 price list will be online soon as well.  We are happy to announce that new for 2021, freight is included in all shipments within Canada.  We hope this will make for a more pleasant and easy shopping experience.

As we learn to readjust our lives to our present reality it is our hope that through working in your gardens, both edible and ornamental, that our products can provide you with purpose, satisfaction, and pleasure.  Allow us to help you learn about things our parents and grandparents knew all of their lives.  Happy planning for spring 2021!

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