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Shelterbelt Spacing

Single Row

Spruce/Pine/Larch: 12-15ft apart


Double Row

Spruce/Pine/Larch: 16ft apart and the second row 12ft away and offset 16ft apart

Poplar (Northwest, Okanese, Prairie Sky, Tristis): 10-12ft apart

Poplar (Sundancer): 6-8ft apart


How Far To Plant Away From:

  • A Maple or Poplar Hedge: 40-50ft
  • A Sundancer or Tower Poplar Hedge: 30ft
  • A Willow Hedge: 60ft

Shrub Spacing

Amur Maple, Caragana, Chokecherry, Lilac, Ninebark, Saskatoons, Sea Buckthorn

3-4ft apart

(Allow 15ft between shrub rows)