Welcome to Select Seedling Nursery LTD - Your Source For Saskatoonberry & Other Seedlings

At Select Seedling Nursery, we have been growing hardy seedlings for the Canadian prairies and northern United States since 1984. We are a division of Lakeshore Tree Farms LTD, who have pioneered growing hardy fruit trees in Saskatchewan since 1936. We pride ourselves on delivering top quality seedlings to orchards and farms alike.

Saskatoonberry Seedlings Are Our Specialty

We specialize in growing F1 Saskatoonberries for the new and ever increasing market, and we are proud to supply four commercially recognized cultivars for the farm orchard: Thiessen, Smoky, Northline and Martin. These trees are grown in plug trays, in specially constructed greenhouses, to ensure the best possible conditions for the Saskatoonberries.

We also grow a number of other small fruit seedlings that are increasingly sought after by commercial processors. These include Nanking Cherries, Chokecherries, Sandcherries, Mongolian Cherries, Pincherries, and Sea Buckthorn.

Protect You Investment With A Good Shelterbelt

To complement the orchard and provide wind protection, we offer a selection of shelterbelt seedlings, including Colorado Spruce, Scotch Pine, Manitoba Maple, Tatarian Maple, Amur Maple, Red Osier Dogwood, Caragana, Siberian Elm, Green Ash, Manitou Poplar, Assiniboine Poplar, Okanese Poplar, and Cottonwood.

Please explore our web site. We have included a source of more information on small fruits from the University of Saskatchewan. If you have any questions don't hesitate to E-mail, phone or fax.

Happy gardening,

Vic & Lee Krahn