Shelterbelt Seedlings

Shelterbelt Seedlings

Colorado Spruce

Colorado Spruce is a long lived, hardy evergreen.  6″ plug seedling.

Scots Pine

Scots Pine is a drought tolerant, fast growing evergreen.  Great for sandy locations.

Manitoba Maple

Manitoba Maple is a popular hardwood.  It is disease resistant and stands well the test of time.

Tatarian Maple

Tatarian Maple is similar in habit to Amur Maple.  Tatarian is a hardy, vigorous, and very fast growing plant.

Amur Maple

Amur Maple is a multi stemmed tree.  Its growth is similar to a lilac, with a deep red fall colour.

Red Osier Dogwood

Red Osier Dogwood is used as a garden hedge.  This plant grows up to 12ft high, and it makes a wonderful trimmed hedge.  Very tolerant of wet conditions.


Caragana is an old favorite for the farm.  Caragana makes an excellent windbreak, and has proven itself over the long term.

Siberian Elm

Siberian Elm has long been used on the prairies as a fast growing hardy windbreak.  This tree is very drought tolerant and will grow where many other plants will not.  Siberian Elm will grow 30-40ft (10-14m).

Green Ash

Green Ash is a native plant used extensively for street tree plantings across Canada and the northern US.  This long lived hardwood grows to 60ft (20m) and is known for its drought and salt resistance.  It is also very resistant to insects and disease.  Green Ash makes a very beautiful shade tree in the yard and is a good choice for longevity and a maintenance free windbreak.

Paper Birch

Paper Birch is used extensively as an ornamental.  It also does nicely in areas where rainfall is more plentiful.

Fountain Birch

Fountain Birch is a wonderful ornamental.  This drought tolerant, leaf miner resistant, small tree (25ft) does well in southern Saskatchewan.


Manitou is a cottonwood-hybrid selection out of Indian Head PFRA Nursery.  This fast growing broad headed tree is very disease resistant.  Mature size is 40ft wide and 60ft in height.  Male clone.  No cotton or fuzz.


Assiniboine is from the same breeding as Manitou.  It carries the same disease resistance but is a narrower growing cultivar. Mature size: width 20ft., height 60ft.  Male clone.  No cotton or fuzz.


Okanese is a prairie-hardy hybrid developed in Saskatchewan.  The hardiest hybrid to date, it was designed to be drought-tolerant, cold-tolerant and disease resistant.  It is fast growing and semi-upright, with branch angles approaching 45 degrees with very large leaves.  No cotton or fuzz.


Cottonwoods are found along the prairie bottoms from Prairie Canada to southern Texas.  These trees are drought tolerant, disease resistant, and grow into massive trees which live many hundreds of years.  This is a fast growing, beautiful tree.  With the trend to native plants, this is a great selection.  Male clone.  No cotton or fuzz.