Saskatoon Berry Seedlings

Saskatoon Berry Seedlings For Personal Or Commercial Use

The name Saskatoon berry derives from the Cree word “misaskwatomin”.  The city of Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, where we live, is named after this plant. The Native American food pemmican was flavored by serviceberry fruits in combination with dried meats, and the stems were made into arrow shafts.

This edible berry, which ripens in June and July and has a taste similar to blueberry, is also often made into several types of foodstuffs, including pies, jams, wines and beers.

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Thiessen Saskatoon Berry Seedlings - An Excellent Choice For Production Orchards

Thiessen Saskatoon berries originated in a ravine near Waldheim, Saskatchewan, where it was found by the Isaak Thiessen family in about 1904.  It was introduced to the trade by my father, George Krahn of Lakeshore Tree Farms, in 1972.  To date, it is the largest fruiting cultivar available, averaging 15mm in diameter, with many as big as 18mm. It has good flavour and productivity and is a consistent yielder.  The Thiessen is considered an excellent choice for a production orchard.

The Isaak Thiessen family were honoured on July 12, 1994 by the Canadian Society for Horticultural Science with a plaque commemorating the Thiessen Saskatoon berry.  Without their determination to bring this cultivar from the wilds, the Thiessen Saskatoon berry seedlings would not exist.

Smoky Saskatoon Berry - Sweet, Mild Flavored, And Very Productive

Smoky is the most common cultivar in production today.  This is no doubt because it was one of the first superior Saskatoon berry cultivars to be selected and named by John Wallace of Beaverlodge, Alberta, in 1952.  It has large fruit, 12-14mm in diameter, and is sweet, mild flavoured, and very productive.  Smoky blooms slightly later than Thiessen, grows about 12 feet high, and suckers profusely.  At this time, smoky is the primary cultivar being harvested by the Fruit Growers of Alberta.

Northline Saskatoon Berry - Large Size With Excellent Flavor - Good Choice For Commercial Orchards

Northline Saskatoon berry was introduced by John Wallace of Beaverlodge, Alberta in 1960.  It is a distinct cultivar growing about 5-7ft in height, and it is quite upright in growth habit.  It also spreads vigorously.  It produces heavily at an early age with smoky sized fruit, quite large of excellent flavour.  It suckers profusely.  It is another good choice for commercial orchards.

Martin Saskatoon Berry - Uniform Ripening With Size And Quality

Martin was discovered as Ssakatoon Berry seedlings of the Thiessen Saskatoon berry, and it has all the qualities and size of Thiessen.  We have observed this cultivar in production and are very impressed with the size and quality of berry, as well as the uniformity in ripening and the structure of the plant.  Dr. Richard St. Pierre, of the University of Saskatchewan, feels that because of it’s parentage, it’s size and uniformity, it warrants use in commercial Saskatoon berry orchards

JB 30 Saskatoon Berry Seedlings

JB 30 Saskatoon berries were discovered near Langham, Saskatchewan and after comparative test results was a warranted by Dr. Richard St Pierre as worthy of commercial production.  15mm diameter berries are born in clusters.  Even ripening makes this cultivar a candidate for mechanical harvesting.  The bloom timing is the same as most Saskatoon berries and this cultivar is low suckering, and has excellent flavor and high productivity.