Siberian Larch

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Larix sibirica

A large, cold hardy conifer.  Arching branches with clusters of long soft green needles turn golden yellow in fall before dropping.

Height: 50ft Spread: 20ft


0-8cm BR, 0-8cm PL, 1 gallon, 15-30cm BR, 15-30cm PL, 3-4mm BR, 3-4mm PL, 30-45cm BR, 30-45cm PL, 4-5mm BR, 4-5mm PL, 45-60cm BR, 45-60cm PL, 5-7mm BR, 5-7mm PL, 60-75cm BR, 60-75cm PL, 7-9mm BR, 7-9mm PL, 75-90cm BR, 75-90cm PL, 8-15cm BR, 8-15cm PL, 90+cm BR, 90cm+ PL, Rooted Cutting


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