Select Seedling Nursery collects seed in hardiness Zones 2 and 3.  Our Saskatoon berry cultivars are only F-1 generation seed.  Our tree and shrub seedlings are healthy and true to name.  All stock is graded in accordance with specifications prepared by the Canadian Nursery Landscape Association.

We guarantee our seedlings for 45 days of planting with proper care.  You must make a good faith effort to plant your trees in a timely manner into appropriate conditions.  You must make good faith effort to care for your trees before and after planting.  Weeding and watering are not optional.  We are not responsible for results in transplanting, potting stock, aesthetic issues, slow growth, winter survival, over and under watering, drought, floods, fire, extreme weather, disease, pests, sprayed with herbicide, delayed planting, not planted at all, or any conditions beyond our control.

No refunds are given.  If the plant(s) die within the 45 days we will provide replacement plants or give you store credit for the value of the trees towards future purchase(s) of seedlings with the return of the dead plants.  The credit value will not exceed the unit price from the original invoice.  Please note: the bare root shipping season ends late June, therefore replacement plants may be shipped the following spring.  We do not cover the cost of shipping or handling on replacement plants.  We only warranty plants ONCE.  Please make all efforts to ensure the replacements plants grow.

Contact us immediately to report damaged, unhealthy, or missing plants.  You must care for your trees before planting them.