Cherry Seedlings

Cherry Seedlings - Great Tasting Fruit From The Saskatchewan Prairies

Nanking Cherry Seedlings - Excellent For Canning, Jams & Pies

Nanking Cherry is a very hardy cherry growing 8 – 10 ft. high. A good producer, the cherries grow up to 5/8″ in diameter. They are excellent for canning, jams and pies. In addition, the Nanking is covered with beautiful flowers in the spring, making it a beautiful addition to your garden.

Chokecherry Seedlings - Hardy ... With A Unique Flavor

Chokecherries have had much attention as a source for unique flavoured preserves. Its hardiness and ability to bear heavily in the worst of years in well known. Often used as an orchard windbreak, chokecherries are becoming an important commercial fruit crop.

Sandcherry Seedlings - Unsung Hero Of Small Prairie Fruits

Sandcherry is really the unsung hero of small prairie fruits. Growing to 6 ft. in height, this consistent, heavy fruiting cherry makes excellent preserves and will provide you with more pounds of fruit earlier than any other small fruit I know of. Its glossy leaves and white blooming flowers also make this a very attractive addition to any garden.

Mongolian Cherry Seedlings - Hardy, Sour Cherry

Mongolian Cherry is an extremely hardy sour cherry, slightly larger than Nanking and grows 6 ft. high. This Siberian native cherry bears very consistently and heavily. The cherries make excellent pies, jams and preserves, and has excellent potential for the fresh or processed market. It would also be ideal for a U-Pick operation

Pincherry Seedlings - Excellent For Jams - Mixes Well With Others

Pincherries are a native fruit with a great deal of potential. In the last few years, researchers as well as growers are becoming aware of the potential of pincherry as a commercial crop. A sound, consistent fruiter, the cherries make excellent jams and provide a unique flavour when mixing with other fruit.

Sea Buckthorn Seedlings - Medicinal Qualities Exciting

Sea Buckthorn grows to 10ft (3m), is very salt tolerant, has a silvery white leaf, suckers freely and has many clusters of orange berries. What makes this plant interesting is it’s medicinal qualities. Europeans have long known the berries to be rich in vitamin C. Many of the burn victims from Chernobyl were treated with Sea Buckthorn oil. This plant has exciting new possibilities for fruit growers.