Canadian Prairie Hardy Fruit

Why couldn’t it be you with a fabulous yard or a fantastic orchard?  The amount of variance and quality we have here on the Canadian Prairies in hard Zone 2, fruit is off the charts impressive.  Why the masses are not thinking this the coolest thing is beyond me.  Each year we increase the quantity

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Thinking Poplars

December has arrived and as I drive through the city there is a flurry of activity.  At the nursery we are finishing grading our bare root raspberries, and our poplar and willow plugs for shelterbelt sales.  It was a very good growing year and already we have many orders for the spring.  We also grow

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Protect Your Investment With A Good Shelterbelt

Willow tree Seedlings for sale

To compliment the orchard and provide wind protection, we offer a selection of shelterbelt seedlings, including Colorado Spruce, Black Hills Spruce, Siberian Larch, Scots Pine, Manitoba Maple, Tatarian Maple, Amur Maple, Red Osier Dogwood, Caragana, Siberian Elm, Green Ash, Prairie Sky Poplar, Sundancer Poplar, Okanese Poplar, and Tower Poplar. Please explore our web site. We

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