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Welcome to Select Seedling LTD

Your Source For Saskatoon Berry & Other Seedlings

At Select Seedling Nursery, we have been growing hardy seedlings for the Canadian prairies and northern United States since 1984.  We are a division of Lakeshore Tree Farms LTD, who have pioneered growing hardy fruit trees in Saskatchewan since 1936.  We pride ourselves on delivering top quality seedlings to orchards and farms alike.

Saskatoonberry Seedlings Are Our Specialty

We specialize in growing F1 Saskatoon berries for the new and ever increasing market, and we are proud to supply five commercially recognized cultivars for the farm orchard: JB30, Martin, Northline, Smoky, and Thiessen.  These trees are grown in plug trays, in specially constructed greenhouses, to ensure the best possible conditions for the Saskatoon berries.

We also grow a number of other small fruit seedlings that are increasingly sought after by commercial processors.  These include Chokecherries, Nanking Cherries, Mongolian Cherries, Pincherries, Sandcherries, Black Currant and Sea Buckthorn.


Select Seedling Nursery uses only F-1 generation seed.  Our seedlings are healthy and true to name.  We guarantee our seedlings for 60 days with proper care.  We do not cover the cost of shipping or handling on replacement plants.  We are not responsible for results in transplanting, potting stock, or any conditions beyond our control.  all stock is graded in accordance with specifications prepared by the Canadian Nursery Landscape Association. No refunds are given.

F.O.B. Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada.

You must indicate your preference for method of shipping and/or transport company.    If specific shipping instructions are not provided, method of shipping will be at our discretion.  All packing (palletisation, boxing, baling) may be required to ship and is done to withstand shipment to the destination point.  We reserve the right to charge our cost for any custom packaging.  All goods travel at buyer’s risk and expense.  If stock is damaged or unduly delayed in transit, please file a claim with the transport company immediately.  Claims for any cause must be made by phone within 3 days of receipt of stock, and in writing within 5 days.  All stock leaves the nursery in good condition, therefore our responsibility ends on delivery of stock to the transit company.


When picking up plant material in an open truck or trailer, please bring your own tarp or windscreen.  A mesh wind tarp is preferable.  Covering plant material in transit is imperative to the health of the plant.



We accept all orders subject to crop conditions and availability.  We reserve the right to cancel a portion of the order, or all thereof, should injury befall our stock from hail, windstorm, frost, other weather conditions, error in count, insect and disease, or other causes beyond our control.


Cancellation will not be accepted with 7 days of ship date, and definitely not after the order has been shipped.


Please note: All plants may not be available in all sizes listed.  Once you place an order, we will advise if a particular size is not available and offer a substitute size.


Prices subject to change without notice.